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Building It Old School

With over 38 years of experience, we believe in building it right the first time!

Roll in Shower

Aging In Place

A seated shower is essential for the aging in place bathroom. It's a good idea to lower the faucets and hand shower to accommodate a seated user.

Ramp for Unloading

Aging In Place

Wider doorways and turning spaces, flush thresholds and ramps, and smooth access from one floor surface to another are just some of the universal design features that make this home entirely wheelchair accessible.

About Us

Founded in 1979, GB General Contractors has been transforming houses to homes you would be proud to entertain your guests in!  As an alternative to national construction companies, GB is privately owned and operated.  Our complete range of residential contracting services assures you of quality and attention to detail with the convenience of a single source. Whether you are looking for a complete renovation, a room addition, or to just update your space, we can help you realize your dream home.

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Our Services

There are several ways to remodel your home to make it more accessible and easier for you to maneuver. Before you buy your next home or build a new one, there could be some preliminary planning that could help pay off.  We would be happy to discuss a variety of options with you.


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Family owned and operated since 1979, GB General Contractors is a certified Aging-In-Place-Specialist. We have been working on physically challenged and handicap accessible projects retrofitting homes to be handicap accessible.  Remodels include modifications to showers to create a barrier free entry as well as lowering counters and widening doorways for easy access. Some of our latest projects have been specialized custom built homes to meet our clients physically challenged needs.

As a Certified Graduate Remodeler(CGR). we emphasize the proper business management practices in the Remodeling Industry. It is a great tool to provide guidance to Remodelers in the industry and establish ethical guidelines to follow.

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GB General Contractors is proud to be a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), the Remodelors Council, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

GHBA is a nonprofit trade association for the city of Houston and surrounding areas. The GHBA provides continued education for remodeling businesses, home builders, and associates to stay up with the latest building trends and government regulations in the industry. They also have played a large part in charity projects that impacted so many lives.

The Remodelors Council is a part of the GHBA. The Remodelors Council is a professional trade organization that promotes the highest quality in building practices and ethics. With many professional Remodelors and associates in the council, there is a great wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared. GB

The NAHB is very similar to the GHBA, they are on the national level. They provide Remodelors and builders with the news and regulations that affect the home building industry. They are a great resource on the national level for continual education for contractors.

GB General Contractors is proud to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau as a Accredited Business. We strive to build with the highest quality building standards and produce our projects on schedule and on budget.

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When most people think about a one level (curbless) shower the words which come to mind are – Grandma, wheelchair, walker and handicapped. While a curbless shower certainly can be helpful for the elderly in a wheelchair or a person with mobility challenges to safely enjoy their shower, it’s about much more than that. A curbless shower can be spa like and stylish all while providing a functionality. Let’s take a look at a few myths regarding curbless showers.

Family Size Shower

Myth 1 – Barrier free showers aren’t contemporary
As a person who loves a sleek, minimalist contemporary design, the curbless shower does an excellent job breaking down the barriers between spaces in a bathroom. This is helpful because bathroom spaces are usually small and one larger room can create a sense of luxury, comfort and style. One of our clients decided on a shower that would make anyone looking at it think that they are vacationing at a resort.

Curbless Shower

Myth 2 – You need a big bathroom for a one level shower
I will grant you creating a one level shower in a small bathroom does take more planning than picking up a standard fiberglass pan at your local home center store. With that being said a wet room is not as mystifying as some contractors make it out to be. The key is to hire a contractor that is experienced in this area. Once is see how open the bathroom looks after you have installed a curbless shower, you will wonder why you waited so long.


Myth 3 – You can’t add a door in a curb free shower
Some people love the design aesthetic of a clean-looking doorless roll-in shower, but others are passionate about having a door to keep the showering space warmer – especially during the cold winter months (not a huge issue in Texas). Your question might be, “Can I have the best of both worlds?” The answer is yes. For a luxurious one level shower, install a frameless glass enclosure.

Easy Access Shower

Myth 4 – GCs don’t know how to install a curbless shower
First I’d recommend going to the National Association of Home Builders web site and look for contractors with a CAPS designation (this stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist). Yes, our Project Managers are experienced and have their CAPS certification.

Aging in Place

Myth 5 – There are not many products on the market for one level showers
Healthcare advances are helping us to live longer which has had a direct effect on the demand for these products. Next to kitchens, remodeling your bathroom so that you can age in place is a hot trend in home makeovers today. We all love to be pampered, so why not prepare for your future by renovating your bathroom to create a gorgeous spa like space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Myth 6 – You can’t have a lot of water sources in an open shower
Definitely not true! If you use a wet room system – where you waterproof the entire bathroom floor – you can create a dreamy spa inspired bathroom with jets shooting water from every direction! A warm shower will help loosen those tense muscles and help you de-stress.