When most people think about a one level (curbless) shower the words which come to mind are – Grandma, wheelchair, walker and handicapped. While a curbless shower certainly can be helpful for the elderly in a wheelchair or a person with mobility challenges to safely enjoy their shower, it’s about much more than that. A curbless shower can be spa like and stylish all while providing a functionality. Let’s take a look at a few myths regarding curbless showers.

Family Size Shower

Myth 1 – Barrier free showers aren’t contemporary
As a person who loves a sleek, minimalist contemporary design, the curbless shower does an excellent job breaking down the barriers between spaces in a bathroom. This is helpful because bathroom spaces are usually small and one larger room can create a sense of luxury, comfort and style. One of our clients decided on a shower that would make anyone looking at it think that they are vacationing at a resort.

Curbless Shower

Myth 2 – You need a big bathroom for a one level shower
I will grant you creating a one level shower in a small bathroom does take more planning than picking up a standard fiberglass pan at your local home center store. With that being said a wet room is not as mystifying as some contractors make it out to be. The key is to hire a contractor that is experienced in this area. Once is see how open the bathroom looks after you have installed a curbless shower, you will wonder why you waited so long.


Myth 3 – You can’t add a door in a curb free shower
Some people love the design aesthetic of a clean-looking doorless roll-in shower, but others are passionate about having a door to keep the showering space warmer – especially during the cold winter months (not a huge issue in Texas). Your question might be, “Can I have the best of both worlds?” The answer is yes. For a luxurious one level shower, install a frameless glass enclosure.

Easy Access Shower

Myth 4 – GCs don’t know how to install a curbless shower
First I’d recommend going to the National Association of Home Builders web site and look for contractors with a CAPS designation (this stands for Certified Aging in Place Specialist). Yes, our Project Managers are experienced and have their CAPS certification.

Aging in Place

Myth 5 – There are not many products on the market for one level showers
Healthcare advances are helping us to live longer which has had a direct effect on the demand for these products. Next to kitchens, remodeling your bathroom so that you can age in place is a hot trend in home makeovers today. We all love to be pampered, so why not prepare for your future by renovating your bathroom to create a gorgeous spa like space that you will enjoy for years to come.

Myth 6 – You can’t have a lot of water sources in an open shower
Definitely not true! If you use a wet room system – where you waterproof the entire bathroom floor – you can create a dreamy spa inspired bathroom with jets shooting water from every direction! A warm shower will help loosen those tense muscles and help you de-stress.